Our job is to understand your lifestyle and your needs and answer every requirement in a way that makes the most of your site and the environmental conditions. We believe that architecture should respect and be sensitive to the natural environment. For example, in KZN we have a sub-tropical climate and this calls for architecture that embraces the elements and interacts to created indoor / outdoor living spaces bathed in natural light. The hills, the views, every slope, gradient and contour is considered. Colours, textures, materials and scale are carefully selected to achieve a harmonious continuity with nature. Whether we're designing a family home, a residential complex, an office park or a entertainment centre, the process essentially consists of five major stages, each involving extensive consultation with the client.



Graphic art by Browne Dog Studios Laguna Beach California

The dream begins to take shape in a conceptual design.

The necessary technical documentation is prepared for submission to local authority.

The technical documents are taken to the next level. This is where we describe more fully the various spaces, finishes and details. This culminates with a set of detailed tender documents.

The depth of our involvement in this phase is dependant on the scope, scale and budget of the project. This is where the Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Building Contractors and Interior designers are involved in the execution of the project on site.

At Sagnelli we ensure that every project, no matter how modest or grand, receives our utmost attention to ensure that the vision is transformed into a sculptured reality of the client's dreams and aspirations.